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Dada Life’s Endless Smile Plug-in Creates Tension for EDM Build-Ups


The Swedish DJ/producer duo Dada Life know more than their fair share about creating effective build-ups in the main room- and festival-ready dance tracks. Their high-energy hits such as “Born To Rage,” “Kick Out the Epic Motherfu¢$3r,” “One Last Night on Earth” and many others establish the sonic tension-and-release that their bananas-and-champagne stage antics only amplify.

In 2014, Dada Life made the Sausage Fattener plug-in in partnership with developer Tailored Noise, and it had two knobs for simply fattening things up in a production. Back again with Tailored Noise, Dada Life has just launched Endless Smile ($39), another dead-simple plug-in with a single purpose: to create intensity and tension for build-ups in electronic music.

While Endless Smile has only a single Intensity knob, it wields a large amount of various processing going on behind the scenes. Its seven presets ranging from Soft to Extreme use a selection of programmed filters, delays, reverbs, EQs, phasers, saturation, LFOs, distortion, etc. to add complexity to your build-ups while saving you the time of doing everything yourself with multiple automation curves. You could find the use for it on buss groups, individual tracks or the master channel.

“This plugin is bananas! In a great way. The Dada boys have done it again - spotted yet another niche and dealt with fantastically. There's nothing else out there like it - a fun but at the same time seriously effective plugin that will get heavily used by us!” — DJ/Producers Above and Beyond


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