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Riff station Pro for PC & Mac


What is Riff Station Pro? 

           Get the chords for any song
Riffstation uses automatic chord recognition technology to ‘listen’ to the music and figure out the chords for you. Riffstation even shows you how and when to play each guitar chord synced with the original music. It’s guitar hero for real guitar players! Load any song and our technology will automatically calculate the chord accompaniment in a few seconds. Our chord recognition algorithm detects major and minor chords with approximately 80% accuracy for popular music. You can use our chord edit feature to manually modify the chords if required.

Basic Overview  

 .Slow down a song or change the tempo
With Riffstation, you can set the pace! Slow down any song without affecting the pitch and sync a metronome to help with your timing. Our amazing slowdown tool lets you slow down or speed up any song in your music collection without affecting the pitch. You can slow down as much as much as 25% of the original tempo, or speed up to double speed and everywhere in between. Our high-quality time-stretching algorithm ensures that the pitch and quality of the sound remain as natural as possible. Now you can learn and practice at your own speed.
Change the key or pitch
Have you ever tried to learn or practice a song only to find it’s tuned a half step down or between two keys? Perhaps you like to sing too and you’d prefer to learn the song in a different key than the original recording. With the pitch tool, you can transpose any song to a new key without affecting tempo. For the out of tune recordings, you can fine tune in cents! Now you can retune the song instead of the guitar. Riffstation also has a capo tool which allows you to transpose only the chords without transposing the audio.
Isolate the guitar and other instruments
The isolate tool lets you find the guitar in the mix, and extract it right out so you can hear it in isolation. Use mute mode to remove the guitar and make a backing track. Using the graphical display, scan through the stereo space until you hear the instrument you want in greatest detail. Then use the width and separation controls to fine-tune the sound. Now you can choose to solo or mute that instrument.


  • The UI is well designed and presents all the tools and features in an arrangement that looks similar to hardware audio controllers and components. That is why, it is easy to use and simple to understand, as, for the most part, you are dealing with different knobs and buttons. At the top is the menu bar with usual drop-down menus, followed by an area that shows the waveform of the loaded track. Under the waveform, you can see the detected chords, and the sizes depend on the duration the chord is played in the track. The section under is divided into three parts, namely Jam Master, Riff Builder, and Chord Viewer. The section under contains buttons to Play/Pause, Stop, Forward, Reverse, and knobs metronome and volume.

Con's and Pro's

– The UI has a great intuitive design, that should be easy to use for all types of users, even the novices.
– Automatic chord recognition technology analyzes and figures out the chords for you.
– Slow down or speed up songs without affecting the pitch of the song.
– Change the tempo and beats per minute rate.
– Change the pitch, adjust semitones, and fine-tune keys and chords.
– You can isolate different sounds and instruments in a track. Using the graphical display, you can scan and find the instrument you want. Then use the width and separation controls to fine-tune the sound.
– Metronome tool to that helps you with beats when you are slowing down the track.
– It should come with at least a few basic editing and recording tools.
Riffstation Pro is a great tool for musicians and guitarists of all experience levels. The application runs smoothly, without any lag or errors. It comes with useful tools, so it is worth trying.

Download For Window and Mac 

                                       Download and install Riffstation Pro, and then enjoy!
           There is no need to register it, the developer has provided a pre-registered installer.
Direct Download 
           For winodow's: Here
          For mac: Here

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