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Giveaway 100% working Code for SafeDNS Professional Subscription


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What is SafeDNS?

SafeDNS is a secure, quick, and reliable solution to detect and filter suspicious content and maliciously coded websites and advertisements and prevent them from entering and damaging your system. Developers of SafeDNS provide blocking of malicious internet sources, including bad bots, malware, and more.
SafeDNS detects bad and suspicious web content and advertisements with its powerful self-learning engine that analyzes user behavior. This innovation is a progressive step from static lists of categorized resources, enabling the creation of dynamic databases of occurrences and events that help the system block botnets and malware with an astonishing 98% accuracy.

Overview of SafeDNS Benefits

SafeDNS gives your system the best protection against malicious internet sources such as suspicious websites, malware and other threats. With a 98% pinpoint accuracy in detecting and blocking sites and advertisements with suspicious coding and origins, SafeDNS is an ideal solution for any type of internet environment. Whether at home for personal use or at the office where computers and other devices connected to the internet contain critical business and personal information, SafeDNS has you covered.
The solution gives your family total protection, especially to children who are prone to clicking recklessly and accidentally accessing inappropriate websites that are designed to steal information such as bank details, personal emails, and more. SafeDNS can cover all your internet-connected devices, including laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and gaming systems. Even if no one’s at home, SafeDNS can be configured to shield your home internet system when no one is using or accessing the internet.
From a business perspective, SafeDNS helps boost employees’ productivity and efficiency as the system prevents them from accessing inappropriate and insecure websites. SafeDNS centralizes the protection and management of your entire internet infrastructure. For universities and other academic institutions, SafeDNS helps protect your internet by giving your professors and students fast and reliable access coupled with the best protection coverage.
Another benefit is SafeDNS Agent which is a special program for Windows-based laptops and desktops allowing to launch the SafeDNS service automatically on computers. Agent protects devices on and off secured networks. It is used for filtering the internet differently for different users on the same computer. It also allows to manage the filtering service. The program is adapted for use in a corporate environment – an Agent’s unattended installation feature enables IT to download the program automatically on any number of work stations saving lots of time
Other users who will definitely benefit from the protection SafeDNS provides include telecoms and ISPs, businesses that offer public WiFi connection, and more.

Overview of SafeDNS Features

  • Malware and Botnet Protection
  • Content Filtering
  • Zero Cost Implementation and Support
  • Reliable and Faster Internet
  • Protection of all Internet-connected devices & computers with any OS
  • Protection against botnets, phishing and malware sites
  • Support for static&dynamic IPs and third-party dynamic DNS services
  • Protection for off-network computers with SafeDNS Agent
  • Support for Active Directory resources
  • Fully customizable block page (for corporate users)
  • Detailed reports and stats archive for one year
  • Stats export (for corporate users)
  • Admin actions log (for corporate users)

What Problems Will SafeDNS Solve?

  • To introduce an additional layer of internet security businesses can block botnets, malicious and phishing sites. Blocking online ads is also important as they are often used to distribute malware payloads. With SafeDNS employers and corporate IT can easily block proxies and anonymizers to prevent bypassing the filtering.
  • To stop employees from wasting working time on irrelevant web surfing employers and corporate IT can block any category of sites with the SafeDNS service.
  • To enforce internet usage policies it is possible to introduce multi-policy filtering with different filtering rules for employees individually or for corporate departments like Logistics, Accounting, Marketing etc.
  • To stay in the know how web traffic is used on a corporate network and if there are any internet policy violations employers get detailed SafeDNS stats and reports – as to sites visited and blocked, the most popular categories etc.
  • To protect children against porn, browser games, online time wasters as well as other dangerous and unwanted web content SafeDNS provides an efficient and simple parental control service. For 2 years straight it has been named Approved Parental Control Product by AV-Comparatives, a world leading test lab. SafeDNS is also included into a PC Magazine list of The Best Parental Control Software of 2017.

Awards & Quality Certificates

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HOW TO / Watch Video Here

The download link for SafeDNS is provided to you above. 
To create your free SafeDNS account (you must create a new account if you want to take advantage of this promo, this won't work for existing accounts), 
click here to go to the giveaway page and fill out the short form;
 make sure to enter CODE FIND ABOVE as the PROMOTIONAL CODE. Next, if you are a Windows user, download and install SafeDNS; you will have to log into your account and then you can start using it. If you are a Mac, Android, iPhone, or Linux user, follow the setup guide instructions (link given above) to start using it for your Mac, Android, iPhone, or Linux. Enjoy!
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