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Koji is the world’s most accurate motion picture film emulation, developed with Dale Grahn, color timer for Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola. Koji is now available as a software plugin called Koji Advance.

Koji Advance is a new plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro X that makes Koji Color film emulation available to editors for the first time.

Since its launch last year, Koji has become the film emulation of choice for professional colorists.

But many editors didn’t want to round-trip to another application to do their color work. They wanted to stay in their editing application. It was this feedback that led to Koji Advance.

Koji Advance is a new, simple-to-use software plugin that now makes Koji film emulation available to anyone editing video.

Koji Advance Main Features

– Software plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac and Win), Final Cut Pro X (Mac only), and Adobe After Effects (Mac and Win).

– Uniquely powerful color correction controls including auto white balance, lift/gamma/gain, density, and printer points.

– Renders fast and does not slow down your system.

– Industry-leading film grain, with a choice of camera negative grain stocks. A sophisticated process applies real camera negative grain adaptively to your image, for a subtle, striking look that is impossible to achieve by simply overlaying a grain pattern.

– Available immediately

– Free trial available

Get trial version from official site.

Technical Updates :

Koji Advance v1.1 adds support for these camera formats:

Blackmagic BMDFilm 4.6K v3
Canon C-Series C-Log2
Canon C-Series C-Log3
GoPro Protune Flat
GoPro Rec709
iPhone Video
Panasonic V-Log
RED IPP2 Low Contrast
RED IPP2 Medium Contrast
RED IPP2 High Contrast

Download Here

Koji Advance v1.1 Setup with serial (Setup includes for mac user only)

Link 1 : https://goo.gl/UX1MZt or Link 2 :https://goo.gl/xJ5DW6

Get Serial Key only

https://goo.gl/vjmjYv NOTE : Put this Decrypt Key BELOW in link to get the serial key without any extra space

Decrypt Key : 58926be4a54e79ddeafb424e3731288c


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