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Adobe Dreamweaver CC


What is Adobe Dreamweaver CC?

Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a comprehensive website and mobile content visual development application. The software lets users create, publish, and manage websites and their accompanying content as well as web applications.
Adobe Dreamweaver CC comes with a host of tools that enable developers to create dynamic websites using different languages. They can also expect their end-products to show beautifully on any browser and on any device.
With Adobe Dreamweaver CC, website designers can push their creations to the web faster. That is because the application is equipped with templates that can be customized according to businesses’ needs. On top of that, the application also actively assists coders in reading lines of code for them to be able to quickly make edits and updates.

Overview of Adobe Dreamweaver CC Benefits

Multi-Device Products
With Adobe Dreamweaver CC, developers can create websites and web applications for any device. They only have to code it once on the platform and it will show beautifully across different screen sizes. This lets them display their creations appropriately without loss of functionality.
Dynamic Code Editor
Adobe Dreamweaver CC assists developers in quickly finishing their website and web application projects. The software comes with a code completion feature that automatically completes codes.
Moreover, the software also provides code hints to further advance learning. Visual aids also help in reducing errors and swiftly finishing sites.
Quick Publishing
Companies can push their websites and web applications to the web at a much faster pace with Adobe Dreamweaver CC. The application aids developers in creating and publishing with starter templates that they can customize to create HTML emails, website pages, blogs, e-commerce platforms, portfolios, and more.
Further, Adobe Dreamweaver CC is equipped with code highlighting tools that let developers process code and implement edits and updates expeditiously.
Regular Updates
Adobe Dreamweaver CC is not a static software. Users regularly receive updates that enhance their coding, publishing, and managing experience. The software also continues to roll-out updated and new features for expanded workspaces and better displays.

Overview of Adobe Dreamweaver CC Features

  • Code Completion
  • Code Collapsing
  • Developer Workspace
  • Real-Time Browser Preview
  • Quick CSS Editing
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Syntax Checking
  • Code Introspection
  • In-Context CSS Documentation
  • Typekit Marketplace
  • Code Themes
  • Starter Templates
  • HiDPI (Windows Only)
  • Multi-Monitor (Windows Only)

Download Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Official Release Dreamweaver CC  Setup here :
                 Windows     : x32 (2017) or x64(2017)  / x32(2018) or x64(2018)
                 MacOS        : 2017 / 2018
     Patch / Keygen : 
                 patch V2.0    : Link 1 / Link 2
                 Patch V.0.91 : Link 1 / Link 2

Updated Links for official trial setup only 
              HERE 32 -bit

              HERE  64-bit


    - Turn off internet connection. (important)
    - install trial setup of "Adobe CC" (provided)
    - After installation Run After effects (Once) & Close / Exit "it afterwards")- Run > adobe.snr.patch.v2.0-painter.exe (as administrator) and select After effects (Any edition)"
[In case if you are using amtemu.v0.9.1-painter then Enter following data see below according version]
    - Click patch "button" patcher will ask you to locate "amtlib.dll" > go to installation directory & patch "amtlib.dll"
Default installation directory : C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC
Do not update Adobe Photoshop after patching (Block all .exe's) via firewall) > [Recommended]
All done, Enjoy 

Licensing Identifier (LEID) For Custom Activation Of Product

  • Application Name: Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018
  • Application LEID: V7{}Dreamweaver-18-Win-GM
  • Version: 18.0.0
FOR MAC: * > To shorten this guide, I will not include the whole list for Mac. * > All the things remain the same for Mac, EXCEPT you must change the “Win” in Application LEID to Mac Eg: Change V7{}PremierPro-12-Win-GM   To    V7{}PremierPro-12-Mac-GM


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