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Adobe Illustrator CC 2018


What is Adobe Illustrator CC?

Adobe Illustrator CC is a vector graphics software designed for professional graphic designers and artists. It is part of Adobe Creative Cloud, which is a collection of Adobe desktop and mobile apps. Built with wide variety of tools, filters, and effects; Adobe Illustrator is used by graphic designers to create graphic designs for websites, video games, corporate brand logos, and print. This tool, which seamlessly works with vector graphics, can also create designs, illustrations, sketches, and topography for general merchandise packaging, billboards, business cards, and clothes.
As a vector drawing and editing tool used for all types of media, Adobe Illustrator CC has the capability to produce artworks with pixel-perfect accuracy. It helps graphic designers and artists create designs faster, as it offers design presets and templates, which are easy to search and access. Moreover, since Adobe Illustrator is integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud, sharing of creative assets and art projects among designers and within teams is made easy.

Overview of Adobe Illustrator CC Features

  • Pixel-Perfect Designs
  • Snap to Pixel Capability
  • Access Adobe Stock Assets
  • Built In Design Templates and Presets
  • CSS Extraction
  • Color Syncing
  • Sync Settings
  • On-art Free Transform Tool
  • File Packaging
  • Images in Brushes
  • Path Segment Reshaping
  • Settings Import and Export
  • Perspective Drawing Enhancements
  • Live Shapes: Rectangles and Rounded Rectangles
  • Anchor Point Enhancements
  • Custom Brushes, Graphics and Colors
  • Edit Once, Update Everywhere
  • Fast Zoom and Magnification
  • Freeform Merge/Subtract Mode for the Shapebuilder tool
  • Dynamic symbols
  • Smart Guides
  • SVG Export Option
  • Touch Workspace

Overview of Adobe Illustrator CC Benefits

Adobe Illustrator CC is popular for its capability to create pixel-perfect designs. It allows the creation of paths which are automatically aligned to the nearest pixel grid. As a result, sharp segments and clear lines are produced. Adobe Illustrator CC provides the Snap to Pixel capability, which enables users to customize the pixel-snapping feature of the software to align an artwork on exact pixel boundaries. It offers three Snap to Pixel options: Snap to Pixel while drawing, Snap to Pixel while moving, and Snap to Pixel while scaling. Hence, as users draw, scale, and move paths and vector shapes, Adobe Illustrator CC automatically aligns them to the pixel grid.
Furthermore, Adobe Illustrator CC allows users to access more than 90 million images, graphics, videos, templates, and other creative assets. These design templates and assets are organized in Adobe Stock, which is a marketplace and a collection of high-quality images, templates, graphics, 3D images and more. They are built into Adobe Creative Cloud apps, and they can be downloaded to add up to the built in templates that are accessible right from Adobe Illustrator CC. With this wide collection, users will be able to select the right design templates for their specific projects.
Adobe Illustrator CC also provides built in and ready-made presets. With these presets, graphic designers can start their artwork from blank pages instead of templates. They can also customize the details of a preset, such as its name, orientation, and number of artboards. If they want to customize how artboards in a document are laid out, Adobe Illustrator also enables them to do that.

Download Adobe Illustrator CC  Setup Below

Official Adobe Illustrator CC  Setup :

 Adobe Patch / Crack Setup :

        patch V2.0    : Link 1 / Link 2
        Patch V.0.91 : Link 1 / Link 2
Updated Links for official trial setup only 
              Here 32 -bit
              Here 64 -bit  


  • Turn off internet connection. (important)
  • install trial setup of "Adobe CC" (provided)
  • After installation Run After effects (Once) & Close / Exit "it afterwards")- Run >  adobe.snr.patch.v2.0-painter.exe (as administrator) and select After effects (Any edition)"
[In case if you are using amtemu.v0.9.1-painter then Enter following data see below according version]
  • Click patch "button" patcher will ask you to locate "amtlib.dll" > go to installation directory & patch "amtlib.dll"
  • Default installation directory : C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC
  • Do not update Adobe Photoshop after patching (Block all .exe's) via firewall) > [Recommended]
All done, Enjoy 

licensing identifier (LEID) for custom Activation of product    

  • Application Name: Adobe Illustrator CC 2018
  • Application LEID: V7{}Illustrator-22-Win-GM
  • Version: 22.0.0
FOR MAC: * > To shorten this guide, I will not include the whole list for Mac. * > All the things remain the same for Mac, EXCEPT you must change the “Win” in Application LEID to Mac Eg: Change V7{}PremierPro-12-Win-GM   To    V7{}PremierPro-12-Mac-GM


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